The Bamboo Forest

April 11th, 2010

Day 83.  Annie really liked the Bamboo Forest and felt more Zen here than in the manicured Zen gardens.  The Bamboo Forest is an area 5 miles out of Kyoto filled with impressively tall bamboos whose leaves make a gentle and pleasing rustling noise in the wind.  On entering the forest, the temperature dips noticeably.

Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest is in the district of Arashiyama, site of the temple of Tenryu-ji.

Safe contemplates his navel at Tenryu-ji

Stream at Tenryu-ji

Carp are everywhere!

We travelled back to Kyoto to catch the late showing of a traditional Geisha dance.

Safe catches up on his Japanese on the train to Kyoto. Easy peasy!

The spectacular and modern Kyoto Station

We weren’t allowed to take any photos, but here is the poster for it and the picture of a girl posing in traditional Geisha costume who we saw earlier today.  (Her parents were very proud when we stopped to take her picture).

Geisha dance poster

Geisha girl

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