Peruvian Kitchen

March 21st, 2010

Day 62.  We took the scenic route home through the mountains which was spectacular spectacular!

Chilean countryside

We were hoping to find a hilly hideaway with a vista for lunch, but without a map, the internet or a guide book, we only managed to discover a couple of no horse towns and only got out of the car to try a sweet cucumber.  From the outside, the fruit looks like it belongs in an episode of Star Trek, from the inside it looks like a good ol’ cucumber, and it tastes like a good ol’ cucumber … except it’s sweet!  Eventually we gave up and resorted to heading back to Santiago to forage for food.

Sweet cucumber

The road signage in Santiago is pretty negligible so by using “The Force” and our sense of smell we managed to find our way back to the car hire place in the Alameda district and only circumnavigated santiago road system the once.

Feeling pleased with ourselves that we had managed to get home we phoned “el hombre” to come and meet us to collect the car. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to join us for two hours, but just as we were resigning ourselves to spending the time roaming the district, Safe spotted a relatively uninviting Peruvian Cafe called Fenix.  At that stage we would have been happy with a cold drink and somewhere to hide in the shade but what we got was one of the best meals of the trip and an afternoon to remember.

Peruvian cafe from the inside. Note the picture of Machu Picchu behind us.

The Peruvians are known as the the Culninary Experts of South America and the Cerviche they prepared for us was to die for.

Factoid: Cerviche is a dish of raw fish or seafood marinaded in a cocktail of secret limey ingredients.

We were so impressed and relieved that we had managed to find great food that we left a slightly larger than average tip and sent our complements to the chef.  It was then that we learned that the restaurant had only been open a week and the chef came out to thank us and wanted to be Safe’s new best friend.  He insisted we have a picture taken together and exchange email addresses … just in case he ever came to the UK.

Safe with the Peruvian chef and new found friend!

2 Responses to “Peruvian Kitchen”

  1. James D says:

    Interesting cucumber – if you bring any seeds of anything back I’ll try to cultivate – especially chilis!

  2. Didi Hammad says:

    Mr. and Mrs (Ph. Fogg..!!) Hammad

    We were waiting to receive your impressions from the land of the “Samba” after you left central America. When we knew you were in Peru we thought we will hear about the land of “Tango”.. but suddenly we discover you have landed in New Zeeland !! Never mind perhaps you are saving Brazil for another day, and can assure you I will not cry for Argentina..!!! The PHOTOS once again are magic fit for a Grand Album..!!
    Best Wishes


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