Heeeeey, Cartagena!

February 27th, 2010

Day 40.  Although the song goes “Heeey, Macarena” for some reason we’ve been singing “Heeey, Cartagena” all day!

We said our final goodbyes to our compadres on the tour as they left to further explore Costa Rica while we enjoyed a few more hours in San Jose until our afternoon flight to Cartagena.  After a lunch of black bean soup and chicken with rice, we gorged on half a kilo of the fabulous “coco con leche”, Latin Americas answer to the white stuff inside a bar of Bounty (except sweeter, heavier, cheaper and very addictive).  The well and truly bloated Annie and Safe made their way to the airport.


Adios Central America!  Hola South America!  Our Fokker F-100 made a stop in Bogota then continued on to the bustling and hot Cartagena to arrive around midnight.  Within minutes of the taxi finding our hostel, our heads hit our pillows and we fell asleep to distant sounds of Salsa in the street.

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