Too Juicy

February 18th, 2010

Day 31.  After catching the 7am ferry back to the mainland (which turned out to be far less choppy than on the way here) we switched to a fancy “Bus Ejecutivo” run by the Hedman Alas company which has been operating in Honduras since the 1950′s.  The bus was clean, airconditioned and fast and had strict dress code which included No Shorts, No Singlets and No Guns.  A DVD was shown in English and each passenger had a private headphone socket to listen to it if they pleased.  We were handed complementary drinks and snacks as we boarded, and when it rained, attendants with umbrellas shielded us from getting wet as we walked from the terminal to the bus.  Unfortunately, none of this shielded us from the fact that the bus only reached the capital, Tegucigalpa (Too Juicy Gulper) after 7pm.

Top notch bus service

We had heard that Tegucigalpa didn’t have much to commend it due to recent political tensions.  We searched for food off the main square and all we found were a Pizza Hut, a Burger King and two fried chicken shops.  Everything else was shut by 8pm.  The chicken shops were guarded by undersized men in uniform carrying oversized shotguns.  We squeezed past one of the guns to brave a piece of chicken then headed back to hotel for an early night.

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  1. BODAD says:

    ‘Much like Curry Mile!

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