February 11th, 2010

Day 24.  Antigua, Guatemala!

Factoid:  Antigua is an old colonial town with cobbled streets surrounded by active volcanoes.  It has a plethora of cafe’s and restaurants serving fantastic coffee and chocolate.

This afternoon’s excursion was a hike up Volcan Pacaya to see rivers of molten rock, to roast bananas on molten rock, and to melt the soles of our shoes on molten rock.  Unfortunately our bus on the way to the volcano had a blow out.  We initially thought that banditos were shooting at us, however the hour’s stop to change a tyre was a giveaway.  After a total delay of two hours we finally arrived at the volcano and reached the lava flows just as the sun was setting.  It was great to see the bright red lava at night under the stars, but walking downhill on the cooled pumice lava flows whilst dodging the fire pits in the pitch black was … urm … entertaining.

By the way, here are some further items lent to us by Jodie:

  • Mexican Pesos
  • American Dollars
  • Paw-paw cream for Annie’s finger
  • A torch to light our way down the volcano

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