Crossing the River Styx

January 30th, 2010
Day 12.  Poor Annie!  It’s her turn to be struck down with the Revenge of Montezuma, but she soldiered on and we had quite a busy day.
First stop, Palenque ruins, an extensive and attractive Pile of Rocks surrounded by jungle.  We were guided by the excellent Francisco.
Factoid: The head honcho in the heyday of Palenque was the Mayan King, Pikal.  We saw the relief on the lid of his sarcophagus which some experts have claimed represents Pikal riding a spaceship.  (If you look carefully, there are rocket flames at the back of the ship to the right … and his feet are working the pedals .. apparently).  This has led to all sorts of speculation that aliens from oututer space helped the Mayans build temples, Egyptians build pyramids, crop circles, Big Foot, and George Bush in the White House.
How do you drive this thing?


Next stop, the Waterfalls of Misol-Ha, a name which surely belongs in an episode of Doctor Who.

Need a plumber?


Next stop, Aqua Azul, also a name which belongs in an episode of Doctor Who, perhaps as an evil Time Lord … or perhaps it’s the name of a dodgy aftershave.  Anyway, as the name suggests, Aqua Azul is an oasis in the jungle with pool after pool of clear azure blue water connected by waterfalls.  The driver seemed to pay two entrance fees, one at the site itself, and one for safe passage to a bunch of Zapatistas about a mile before we reached the site.  Both Safe and Willie decided they would be Teenage Tarzans and swing from ropes into the water, nothing amazing until you realise that Willie is pushing 70 years old.  Annie decided to be Jane and lay looking helpless clutching her tummy by the side of the water whilst minding everyone’s bags and keeping an eye out for Zapatistas.  A small boy trained in the art of looking cute approached Annie for money.  When he got no response from the lifeless Annie, he placed pesos on her eyelids “to pay the ferryman”.  Annie was not amused … cute-factor zero as far as she was concerned.



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