January 28th, 2010

Day 10.  Dropped 1000m to take a boat ride up the Rio Grijalva in the Sumidero Canyon.  We checked out the wildlife and the scenery and saw:

  • One canyon
  • One river
  • Two crocodiles (possibly stuffed)
  • Some turkey vultures
  • Even more cranes
  • A few cheeky monkeys swinging from the trees
  • Pelicans hanging by the hydroelectric dam

The tour was in Spanish so we can’t really say any more about it, but the link above is quite informative.

I'm stuffed!


Have we been photoshopped into this picture?

Sumidero Canyon

Happy Birthday, RTony!

2 Responses to “Sumidero”

  1. Rachel says:

    My god, you have been everywhere! Actually this first photo looks scarily like you are superimposed onto great picture of canyon (are you really at the flat?)

    Are you documenting recipes on your travels? Hope so.


    • safe says:

      @Rachel, you found us out! We’re actually sitting at home in Manchester under the duvet watching the entire box set of 24 and were too embarrassed to tell anyone!

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