Next Stop, Mexico City

January 18th, 2010

D-Day, Day Zero, the Big Day has arrived at last!  The pre-holiday waxing session at Salon de Patti (aka the bathroom) was a real treat before leaving.  Safe now has two eyebrows, an event not seen since the 1980′s, and Annie was glued to her seat for the entire plane journey.  Oh, and thanks for dropping us off at Terminal 5, Patti … you really helped us out!

The Gulf of Mexico

Two is better than one

Eleven hours on a plane?  Pah!  No problem.  All we needed was one chicken tikka massala, one beef stroganoff, two glasses of red wine, two Kit Kats, two Twixes, one Mars Bar, four films, one chapter of Kane and Abel and a coronation chicken sandwich just before landing (presumably rehashed leftovers from lunch) and hey presto, we’re there!  Landing on top of a mountain at 7,000ft+ was somewhat bilious and we almost saw our coronation chicken for the second (or is that third?) time, but finally we arrived safely in Mexico City.

So is there a difference between an authorised taxi and an unauthorised taxi?  Either way, we found our way to Hotel Casa Gonzalez for a reasonable fare and flaked out after having frantically learnt to conjugate some emergency Spanish verbs for a few moments in bed.  Our attempt to get a taxi to the right destination flagged up a small schoolboy error in that it seems we can neither understand nor speak any Spanish, at least, not the Spanish that the Mexicans speak!

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